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Student Visas for Mongolian Applicants

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General Information for visa applicants 

The General Information page contains detailed information on:
• Lodging an Australian visa or citizenship Application in Mongolia
• Applying outside Mongolia
• Official Mongolian Government travel
• Visa Application Charge and Payment Options
• Visa Evidence Charge
• Health Examinations
• Panel Doctor in Mongolia
* Character Requirement and Penal Clearance Certificates
• Visa Application Processing Information
• Appointing an Agent or Authorised Recipient
• Supporting Documents
• Document Fraud
• Verification Checks
• Enquiries after Application Lodgement
• Decision Notification
• Providing Feedback


Genuine temporary entrant requirement

Your individual circumstances must demonstrate that you genuinely intend to stay in Australia temporarily.

The factors that are considered during assessment of the genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement include: your personal circumstances in your home country, your potential circumstances in Australia, the value of the course to your future, your immigration history, and any other matter that is relevant to your intention to remain in Australia temporarily. If you are a minor the intentions of your parent, legal guardian or spouse will also be considered.

The information provided in your application form and supporting documentation will be used to assess the GTE requirement. You may be requested to provide additional information in relation to the factors set out above.
See: Genuine Temporary Entrant


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Page last updated 30 June 2016