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Passport Services

Passport Services


Passport Services

  •  Priority passport services are not available in Beijing.

Passports are printed in Australia and subject to approximately 6 weeks processing time from payment, so planning well ahead is important.

  •  Australian passports applications must be lodged in person and appointments must be made. The Australian Embassy Beijing only allows entry to clients with appointments. We will only see you in exceptional circumstances without an appointment.

Children under 16 years do not need to attend interviews.

Children aged 16 & 17 are required to attend the appointment along with a guardian.


Passport Application Types and Application Requirements

  1. Child passport (under 18 years of age), apply for their first passport or renewals
  2. Adult Passport, renewal (simplified renewal form)
  3. Adult Passport, apply for their first passport, first adult passport or not able to use simplified renewal form


How to apply for an Australian Passport in Beijing

Passport applications are required to be lodged by appointment on Monday to Friday. Appointments can be made online via

  •  Please select the appointment type matching your application. Each applicant requires a separate appointment. To lodge two applications at the same time, select 2 Passport applications or for three applications, select 3 Passport applications.
  • Applications must be lodged in person at the Australian Embassy Beijing.
  • Please note that appointments are normally booked out up to 8 weeks in advance.
  • An appointment is not required to collect a passport or to lodge an application of emergency passport.


Processing Time

The Australian Passport Office (APO) is currently seeing strong demand for passports. For this reason, it is advising its customers to apply for or renew your passport well ahead of your planned travel dates.

An application is not finalised until the Embassy has received everything we need from you. Further delays will occur if we cannot contact both parents (for child applications).

  • You should also ask the Chinese Entry and Exit Administration Bureau (EEAB) about visa requirements in your new passport.

You will receive a generic email when your passport is ready for collection at the Embassy.


Proof of Address

If you are lodging an application for a child, you must present a document to show your current residential address.

Normal adult passport renewals do not require proof of current residential address.


The Australian Passports Web Page

For further details on passport applications please view



For a list of guarantor occupational groups, please see below information:


We do prefer an Australian passport holder to be your guarantor, but non-Australian citizen whose occupation is one of the following is also acceptable:


· Lawyer: Lawyers Qualification, Current Justice Dep’t work licence, Currently practising

· Doctor: Health Department Licence, Currently practising

· Teacher: Public Kindergarten/School teachers, At least five years continuous service, Currently teaching classes – Not administration staff

· Accountant: Qualified CPA, Currently practising

· Police Officer: Public Security Bureau officer, At least five years continuous service, Currently practising

· Dentist: Health Department Licence, Currently practising

· Judge: Official Judge of a People’s Court, Currently practising


Passport Photos

Some photo shops may not have the most updated Australian passport photo specifications. Home-printed photos are usually not acceptable as there are strict requirements. Please carefully check the passport photo guidelines Photo Requirements | Australian Passport Office ( to avoid rejection.



Passport applications lodged overseas incur an additional overseas application fee (overseas surcharge). This fee is included in the total fee on our Fee Table for each passport type.  To see the exact price of the overseas surcharge, visit the fee page at Current Fees ( This fee does not apply to replacement or emergency passport applications.

Passport Fees can be paid using mPOS (Alipay & WeChat Pay), Chinese ATM cards with UnionPay symbol. We cannot accept cheques.

Fees are set in Australian dollars and converted into RMB. The exchange rate is reviewed monthly.


Passports: Lost and Stolen Passport

If you believe your Australian Passport has been lost or stolen, you should report this as soon as possible

We recommend you report any loss or theft of your passport to police and keep a copy of the report. A police report may also be required by your travel insurance.

To apply for a replacement passport you must use the full application form (PC8 Form) as if you are applying for a first passport. You cannot use the simplified renewal form. If you cannot meet the application requirements for a new full-validity passport, and you need to travel urgently, you can apply for an emergency passport. Strict conditions apply.

You will need to make an Lost or Stolen passport appointment under Passport services. See (link)


Emergency Passports

We can issue an emergency passport if you need to travel urgently and your existing passport has been stolen, damaged or lost.


  •  Forgetting to renew your passport before its expiry or forgetting to check if you have six months validity for travel to some countries are not valid reasons for us to issue emergency passports. Only in rare circumstances will we approve an emergency passport if your current passport has expired.
  •  Applying for an emergency passport is not a way to access a priority processing service for a normal full validity passport.


Emergency passports are normally produced within 2 business days. They have limited validity of 7 months, only 4 visa pages and no electronic chip.

Some countries do not allow travellers to enter on emergency passports. You should check with the relevant embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting to confirm if they will accept emergency passports before booking your travel.


Please contact us or visit our office if you need to apply for an emergency passport. 


Same Holder Letter

The Australian Embassy Beijing can provide a Same Holder Letter, written in English and Chinese, that states your current and previous Australian passport numbers. Same Holder Letters are sometimes requested to transfer a visa to a new Australian passport.

The Australian Embassy Beijing cannot provide a letter that links your Australian passport to any foreign document, including foreign passports or Chinese ID.

The cost of a Same Holder Letter is the “Preparing a declaration or other document” price on our Passport and Consular Fees page.




Personal information provided to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988. We may collect, use and disclose your personal information, including to overseas recipients where we reasonably believe it is necessary, to provide you with consular assistance. Important information about the privacy of your personal information is contained in our Consular Privacy Collection Statement, which you should read and understand. Copies of the Statement are available at Privacy | Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ( or by requesting a copy from the Department.