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The Visa Office of the Australian Embassy Beijing is responsible for processing all visitor, temporary work, resident return and student visa applications, as well as applications for registration of Australian citizenship by descent from applicants in Mongolia. 


Australian Visa Application Centre in Ulaanbaatar

Clients residing in Mongolia making an Australian visa or citizenship by descent application should lodge the application at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Ulaanbaatar.
See: AVAC in Ulaanbaatar
See: AVAC Information Sheet

Mongolian nationals holding Australian visas can travel without a visa label

All Australian visa holders can depart Mongolia, travelling to Australia, without a visa label in their passport.

Please refer to the About Visas Labels page in English and Mongolian for more information.


General Information on applying for visas and citizenship

Please refer to General Information for detailed information on:

  • Lodging an Australian visa or citizenship Application in Mongolia
  • Applying outside Mongolia
  • Official Mongolian Government travel
  • Visa Application Charge and Payment Options
  • Health Examinations
  • Panel Doctor in Mongolia
  • Character Requirement and Penal Clearance Certificates
  • Visa Application Processing Information
  • Appointing an Agent or Authorised Recipient
  • Supporting Documents
  • Document Fraud
  • Verification Checks
  • Enquiries after Application Lodgement
  • Decision Notification
  • Providing Feedback


Applying for a visa to Australia 

For information on visas not featured on this site, and for more information on visas, please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website at

Information for Mongolian applicants, in both English and Mongolian, is available regarding visa applications which are processed in Beijing.

Migration visa applications are processed in other locations in China or in Australia. Further information on applying for these visas is available on this website. See:


Applying for Australian Citizenship


Using Migration Agents

Before engaging a migration agent, we recommend you read the following information.
See: Information about migration agents operating outside Australia


Beware of Migration Fraud

Protect yourself from migration fraud and keep yourself safe online by being aware of the ways people may try to take advantage of you or your situation. Fraud is a criminal offence in Australia and can lead to severe penalties for those involved. You are responsible for your application, even if someone else completes it for you.
See: Easy Australian Visas

Contact Us

The AVAC in Ulaanbaatar provides a telephone and email enquiry service for visa and application lodgement enquiries from residents of Mongolia. Enquiries can be made in English or Mongolian. The AVAC also provide an online tracking facility allowing clients to view the status of their application.

See: AVAC in Ulaanbaatar


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