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Want to Contact Us: Use our online enquiry form


Want to Contact Us: Use our online enquiry form 


Before contacting us, we strongly encourage you to refer to the information already available on this website or the Home Affairs website 

If, after accessing these websites, you still require additional information or assistance, you must submit your enquiry online using the Australian Immigration Enquiry Form. Through this form you can select the office you wish to contact, and choose from a variety of topics. The form will also give you more information about online services and information to assist you. Our previous email addresses are no longer in service.

You can also lodge your application online, track the status of your application and use a variety of online services to update your information. Please refer to Online Services for more information.

Please note that we will not respond to pre-lodgement enquiries, enquiries relating to visas processed in other locations, or case status enquiries within the Global visa and citizenship processing times.


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Page last updated  8 August 2018