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Stories about Australia-China Science and Innovation

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing has the potential to benefit all manufacturers. It is a broad set of enabling technologies, processes and practices that industry sectors can use to improve their productivity and competitiveness. It includes a number of digital technologies collectively known as Industry 4.0. Some examples of advanced manufacturing technologies are 3D printing and advanced materials. Here is the story of 3D printing.




Energy and Resources

Australia is a globally significant supplier of energy and resources. Australia also has technologies in making clean energy with relatively less cost. Australia and Chinese researchers are working closely together on producing clean energy.






Food and Agriculture

Agriculture collaboration between China and Australia has decades of history. Here is a story between Chinese and Australian wheat researchers who are working together on unlock the genetic potential of several of wheat to improve food security and boost wheat yields. 






Australia and China has being collaborating on Astronomy for over 50 years. Often the facilities of Astronomy are located in the most remote places. This story takes us to the Antarctic Plateau, the Guizhou mountains, Africa and the Australian outback, where Chinese and Australian researchers are working together to explore the universe.





Health, Medical technologies and Pharmaceuticals

Statistics of the health of your body is important as it could help manage your health as well as lower down the risk in surgery. The question is: how? Together, Australian and Chinese scientists are developing devices for this purpose. Let’s start from the device that reads brain activity.






Mining equipment, technology and services (METS)

Australia and China are both big countries in term of mining, so of course there is cooperation in this area. Australian and Chinese researchers developed a device to quickly detect gold, which will bring change to the industry. This story introduces the technology, as well as another technology for safer coal mining.