Australian Embassy




The Australian Embassy will provide notarial services for clients between 2pm and 3.30pm Monday to Friday..

Notarial Services include:

  • certification of copies of official documents
  • witnessing of signatures on documents
  • witnessing the execution of affidavits
  • taking statutory declarations
  • authentication of documents

In an emergency, or if you are unable to visit the Embassy during this period, please contact the Embassy to make an appointment

Witnessing and Certifying Documents

Requirements of this service are:

  • Original documents. Copies will not be certified.
  • Proof of your current name and signature, such as your passport
  • Service Fee

Please Note:

The Consular Section takes no responsibility should the witnessed / certified documents fail to meet the criteria specified or the intended purpose. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the documents are acceptable once witnessed / certified by an Australian Consular office in China .


Under the Consular Fees Act of 1955 a fee applies to these services.

The fee is to be paid in Chinese currency (cash only).

The amount may vary from time to time according to the exchange rate. Contact the Embassy or the Consulates-General for information about current fees.