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Visa Application Charge

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Visa Application Charge

The Visa Application Charge (VAC) is the amount of money you must pay for your visa or citizenship application.  Your application is not valid until we receive your payment. 

We set six-monthly foreign exchange rates on 1 January and 1 July each year.  The cost of your application in Chinese Renminbi Yuan or Mongolian Tugrik will rise or fall in line with this exchange rate.

For visa subclasses processed in China, the Visa Pricing Currency Table can help you work out the price of your visa

(Effective on 1 July 2022).

For other visa subclasses, you can use the Visa Pricing Estimator

Payment Options

Paying online is the safest and fastest way to pay.  You can pay and lodge most applications online through ImmiAccount.  All online payments are charged in Australian dollars and a credit card surcharge may apply.  For more information, please see How to Pay


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Page last updated  1 July 2022