Australian Embassy

The Embassy Building


The Design - East meets West

In designing the Embassy complex, the Australian designers and engineers - Denton Corker Marshall, Rankin and Hill, and Ove Arup - took their inspiration from China and Australia.

The buildings - housed within a surrounding wall - are inspired by the ancient architecture of the Chinese walled city, but also have a thoroughly contemporary feel.

The art of geomancy comes into play with the buildings lying at a traditional north-south orientation, maximizing the use of sunlight as well as protecting against the harsh winds during Beijing winters.

The Australian influence can be seen through the design of the apartments which is styled on the home-and-garden look of the "terrace house" in Sydney and Melbourne. The gardens and courtyards reflect the Australians\' love of open space and the outdoors.

A range of tropical plants is grown all year round in the atriums and conservatories, providing a tropical playground reminiscent of the Australian rainforest.

The Embassy - constructed by Capital Construction Group Five - is sturdy. It is built to withstand a Force 8 earthquake!