Australian Embassy, China


Australian Consulate-General, Shenyang

Driver (LE1)

Under close direction, the Consulate’s Driver position transports staff, visitors and guests.  The Driver may be required to work on weekends, public holidays and after normal working hours, including on emergency call-outs. As part of a small Consulate team it performs a wide range of other duties. 领事馆的司机职位负责根据指引为工作人员、访客和客人提供交通服务。 司机可能需要在周末、公共假期和正常工作时间之后工作,包括紧急应召出勤。作为小型领馆团队的一员,本职位还需要履行其它各式职责。

Applications close at 9:00am, Monday 26 July 2021.

Applications received after the closing date and time will not be considered.

Your application, preferably written in English, should include: 您的申请,最好是用英语书写,应包括:

  • Completed ‘Application for Locally Engaged Staff Employment’.  See Attachment A. 完整填写好的‘当地雇员求职申请表’。详情请见附件A
  • Your application pitch (maximum 400 words).  See Attachment B. 您的申请说明(字数不超过400字)。详情请见附件B
  • Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages). 您的简历(最多不超过两页)。

Submit an application via email to [email protected] by 9:00am, Monday 26 July 2021.  Applications received after the closing date and time may not be considered.  The subject line of your email should include the Position Number and Position Title you are applying for. 在2021年7月26日周一上午九点前将申请通过邮件形式发送至邮箱[email protected]。在截止日期和时间之后收到的申请可能不会被考虑。 您的电子邮件的主题栏应包括您申请的职位编号和职位名称。