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This page provides visa checklists and information on supporting documents for applicants in China and Mongolia.  Further information on required documents is available on the website of the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) by checking the “step by step” guide on each visa page.

To assist in processing, you need to submit a complete application. We may make a decision on your application using the information provided at time of lodgement, without requesting further information. If you submit an incomplete application, or you provide incorrect information, your application may be delayed or it may be refused without any request to provide further information.

All People’s Republic of China (PRC) passport holders should provide copies of their national identity card and their family registration booklet (hukou) when providing evidence of their identity.

After you have submitted your application, you should respond promptly to any requests for further information. We may not provide any reminders.

If you lodged your application online and you are requested to provide further documents, you should attach them to  ImmiAccount. Do not submit further documents by email.

Visa Checklists – applying online

If you are applying online you should refer to the “step by step” guide on each visa page, and follow the checklist at the end of the online application form in ImmiAccount.

You should attach documents with all images and text clearly visible. We prefer colour scans or photographs of original documents where possible. Before you start attaching documents, you should be aware of limits to the type, size and number of documents you can attach. For further information about attaching documents, refer to Applying online in ImmiAccount.

If you are travelling with other people, we recommend that you lodge your applications together by selecting the ‘Group processing’ option in  ImmiAccount and choosing the appropriate group type.

For more information on online group lodgement please see Frequently Asked Questions: online visa lodgement for groups in China.

The most common visa options for applicant from China and Mongolia include:

Visiting and Transiting

Working and skilled visas

Family migration

Visa Checklists – applying by paper

If you are unable to apply online, refer to the checklists below. For all paper application forms please refer to Departmental forms on the Home Affairs website.

Visiting and Transiting


 Family Migration


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Page Last Updated  15 April 2019