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Current Tourist and Business Visitor Visa Processing Times


  96.9% of applications processed within 10 working days
86.3% of applications processed within 5 working days


Last Updated:  13 February 2017 (data from  the 2 weeks to 03/02/2017)

These statistics are our current visitor visa processing times. They are updated fortnightly for your convenience. For all our visa processing service standards for all visas, please consult the table below.


Important points to remember

Please read our checklists and prepare required documents carefully. This will help us to deliver the fastest possible service. Incomplete applications will delay visa processing.

Please note that we perform health, character, and security checks on each application. These checks may vary in length depending on your personal circumstances.

We advise you to submit your visa application well in advance of your proposed travel dates. We strongly advise visa applicants not to make non-refundable travel/airline bookings in anticipation of the grant of a visa. Any such decisions are the sole responsibility of the visa applicant.  


Additional information about Visa Service Standard Processing Times

Across the globe, we aim to process 75% of all complete applications within visa service standard processing times. The service standards apply to visa applications lodged with complete documentation. You can expect your application to take longer than the service standard if it was lodged without all the required documentation.
These service standards reflect the level of performance we aspire to deliver world-wide. Actual processing times for applications processed in China may be shorter or longer than the times listed in the department’s service standards due to local factors affecting processing of applications in China.  For further information please refer to Our Service Standards on the DIBP homepage.

Category Subclass Description DIBP Global Service Standard DIBP China advertised standard
Visitor 600 Tourist stream and Business Visitor stream only 1 month 10 working days
Transit 771 Transit N/A 10 working days
Medical Treatment Visa 602 Medical treatment 1.5 months 6 weeks
Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa 400 Do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work 1 month 15 working days
Other Temporary Work Visas  403, 407, 408 Temporary Work visas 3 months 8 weeks
Family Migration (Temporary and Permanent) 300 Prospective Marriage  12 months  12 months
309 Partner (Provisional) 12 months  12 months
445, 101, 102, 117 Dependent Child, Child, Adoption, Orphan Relative 14 months 14 months
Resident Return 155 1 to 5yr RRV 2 weeks 10 working days
157 Three Month RRV 2 weeks 10 working days
 Citizenship - Registration of citizenship by descent  1 month 1 month


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Page last updated  13 February 2017